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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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Friends Only
BtVs: bollocks

Active 8/16/04 I have decided to make this journal a Friends Only. I have done this, because I like to know who is reading my journal and who would be interested in reading my nonsense journal. If, for some odd reason you would like to be added please read

  • Regular Updates
  • LJ Cut Quizzes-this doesn't mean that ever quiz needs to be cut, just those super long ones that take up half a page...drives me nuts...heh
  • Must have the same interests as me. This includes Harry Potter, Alias, Buffy, Angel, and or Charmed. To see more hobbies check my User Info

first. If you want to be added to my journal there are certain rules that your journal must follow.

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am i still your friend?

yeppers thow is. But why haven't you returned my calls ::grrr::

Can I stay Steph? It makes me feel special

Of course ya can! I like men in speedos.

so do i, harry potter and alias are my fav's

any chance of me staying on your list? I promise to put all my quiz's under lj-cut's... And specially since we have the excat same favourite TV shows!!

Shorely! Do you like Alias too?

I LOVE Alias!! I'm obsessed. Only a couple of weeks ago the third season finished with our aussie Melissa George in it! I don't really know many other people that watch it here.

I'm about to go off and watch "Suddenly 30" with Jennifer Garder in it. That's how much I love the show! Also I LOVE your icon... did you hear about Jennifer said in a recent aussie interview about her movie that she wasn't dating anyone!!! This little interview on radio has made headlines in England.

You have personally been invited to join Durmstrang Institute located at: http://s4.invisionfree.com/Durmstrang_Inst/

Come be a student, professor (many teacher positions are still open), or an outsider (shopkeeper, witch, wizard, etc). Join the dark force, the 'good side' and duke it out. Hang around, make friends, and just have fun!

Students get sorted into original houses, and even get sorted their own animal while at their stay at Durmstrang.

Welcome, and have a blast!

--- Igor Karkaroff

Consideing the fact that I've been such a total ass to you and all, you have absolutely no reason to comply to my request.

But, I'd really enjoy it if you re-friended me... Because, I was totally harsh and judgemental, and very very pissy...

So, yes, please friend me, Steph.

it's inviere. i'm adding all my HP friends to my HP journal (all HP-related posts will go in this one!), so friend me, please ♥

Oh cool! ::is friended::

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