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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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this.that.and the other
BtVs: bollocks
Beware a WOW comment ahead:

I really want a shirt that says “Rogues do it from behind” haha

In other news I’m currently participating in a few online writing communities. I think i'm going to participate in hermionebigbang

I’m also attending a couple writers groups throughout the week. So far it’s been helping me get through the day and helping me focus on other things as a writer. I’m also going to counseling once a week and its been hard but I think its helping.

Summer school starts in a couple weeks and I’m getting anxious. I really want to go back and get this degree finished with. I’m taking a full load (twss) this semester so I can catch up. I’m also thinking about getting another part time job. Nothing crazy, just something easy and fun. I might see if borders or barnes & noble is hiring.

I’m still looking for a roommate so that charade is still on going. I hate having to find someone. It’s a hassle and if I could I’d probably live alone but I can’t afford it. It would be really nice to have that extra room as an office or spare bedroom. Anyone want to give me an extra 500 dollars a month because you love me?
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Is that a HP and Big Bang Theory crossover dealy?

nah its actually just a hermione centered fic challenge. Not sure why its called big bang. Maybe because its basically all summer and you have to write 20,000 words. There are no limits tho and you CAN do crossovers so I guess you could do the guys and hermione in some sort of situation if you wanted. :)

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