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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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Here's the Thing
BtVs: bollocks
It annoys me whenever my roommate says "here's the thing" to explain something. This also goes into a lot of other things that she does that annoys me but thats a much longer blog which I can only write on here because she reads my actual blog (almostjennifer.com). I'm weird I know. Hopefully I'll have the patience to write down all the stuff that has been going on at home.

I don't write much on here, mostly I just read everyone's blogs. Plus. Most of what you all have to say is more important than what I have to say.

My dog is snoring right now. I'm not sure why he is so tired-he normally doesn't snore so loud. He slept all night and morning at least until ten. Then he woke up, went outside, took a long afternoon nap. Woke up. Peed and then fell asleep around 5 until 7 when I went to get stuff for dinner (which thinking about it he probably slept through that too). Now its midnight and he's snoring like he's been running around chasing, dogs, rabbits, whatever. When in fact, he's laid on the carpet all day long.

I didn't have a date or plans friday night so I decided to buy the first season of felicity, make a BLT and have a nice night at home. It was nice. My roommate wasn't home and Lily (her daughter who stays with us on the weekends) is spending the weekend with her grandma. It's nice having the house quiet. I miss that part of my weekends.