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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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i hate life this week
So I found out yesterday that my suspicions about my ex best friend dating my ex boyfriend of 9 years is true. she posted pictures of her and him in his new apartment. looks like they might be living together and that the reason she probably stopped talking to me in august was because she wanted to date him. yes. this week is the worst week ever. 2nd to the week we broke up.

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oooh man. i'm sorry. that's rough. xo.

yeah :( ugh bad people suck

(Deleted comment)
That's okay, thanks though . Even though its hard to see it I'm really better off without crappy people like that in my life. :) ::hugs back::

wow what assholes! i'm sorry steph :[

thanks :( yeah at least I know who my friends are/were. I might be deleting my myspace just because its too much of a temptation to look on their pages. I need to move forward and make friends with people who actually care about me.

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