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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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Twilight Review
Tonight I went and saw Twilight with Amber and DJ. I remember telling my sister in law last week that I didn’t think that it would be good only on the fact that 1) most movies aren’t really that good if they are based on books (the later HP movies aside), and 2) the previews for the movie weren’t that good. The one that they had been showing lately seemed corny and not well edited. My thoughts that it would be just one of those movies you had to take with a grain of salt and just say, ‘hey, it’s based on a book, what else can I expect’.

I was glad that I was wrong. Twilight is the best out of the four books so I was excited when they had almost everything in the book, in the movie. They didn’t ‘hollywood’ it up very much, which was nice and they cast the characters very well. Aside from Rosalie, the cast was perfect. They had the emotions almost spot on and whoever knew Rpattz (Robert Pattinson) could be so yummy. I wasn’t exactly keen on the audience that were with us, but I sorta knew that I would run into some mormies when seeing the film during the first few days of the release. But that’s not about the film. I just needed to throw that out there, because they were a little ridicules. I’m going to stop bitching for a second and move on.
The scenes with Mike were hilarious! The actor who portrayed him (i’m too lazy to look) did a very good job. I was upset however that they didn’t add the prom scene with him at the end, but then they can’t add everything.

Overall Twilight was a very good film. I recommend seeing it even if you haven’t read the books. I do however recommend reading the books first if you can. It is so much better reading them then seeing the movie in my opinion. But then a large percentage of people watch the movie before the book, which is sad. I think thats a whole new other blog though. Anyway, Twilight gets four out of five stars in my book. Go watch it, its worth your two hours and thirty minutes.