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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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Just say no to alcohol
BtVs: bollocks
Remind me again why I drink? Oh yeah that’s right. Because I’m an idiot.

Have a hang over from going out with Jolene and a bunch of other people last night. We went to Saltys, a haunted house, then headed down to scottsdale. We met up with Ben Geise. Dude I haven’t seen that guy since Junior High it was so crazy. His wife is gorgeous. He’s in the Navy! It was so much fun to see him and meet his wife.

I’m just taking it easy today obviously. Tomorrow I might be helping my sis in law drive my drunk family around for a wine tasting they are going to haha. In the afternoon I’m going shopping with my grandmother. I’m so excited! I love having girl shopping days and I haven’t seen her in weeks.

I went to my friend Amy’s baby shower today with Jolene. She is getting so big. She’s such a cute pregnant. I want to be skinny enough that when/if I have kids that I look like that. I also saw my friend Devi’s baby. She is sooo adorable! The biggest eyes. She looked just like Devi.

And now I must go drink a tub full of water so I don’t pass out

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(Deleted comment)
oh YUM! that sounds so good!

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