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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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Tell me something. I'll believe it.
Friends: rachel confused
I had a sort of fight with my dad tonight. We were talking about school and politics came up. It's no mystery that my dad and I have different views when it comes to politics. I am more liberal than conservative and he is very conservative. We often disagree. But tonight he thought that the reasons why I lean more towards the liberal viewpoint is because I can "not think for myself", "believe anything someone tells me", "am one-sided" and "don't have a mind of my own".

I feel so good about my educated self right now.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh don't worry about that! Wow that is not a good mix at all!! Haha I bet he'll never do that again! Next time i'm there we should def try and meet up since I doubt you'll ever come to crappy Arizona haha

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