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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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Superman and Bridget Jones
lab love
I have some new pictures of Wesley in his Superman costume. I'll put them at the bottom of this post then you can vote for the cow costume or superman at the bottom. Pictures of him in his cow costume are here

This week has been semi productive. I've finished a lot of homework and feel partly on task. I just need to clean my house and we are game. Jolene came over tonight and the three of us had tostadas and watched the second Bridget Jones' Diary. I had never seen it. It was really cute.

I'm trying not to think about what tomorrow is. I'm going to focus on other things because if I think about it i'll just get emotional and think that tomorrow would had been our 9 year anniversary. Maybe i'll even work out. That might help keep my mind off of it. That and maybe alcohol.

Jolene, Ken, & Luis (maybe) and I'm not sure who else, might be going to a haunted house on Friday if anyone else wants to come. I'm pretty scared. Jo wants to go to a clown one but I'm not sure about that haha. I hate clowns. Remember IT? ::shudders::

On a side note did the final debate just make you hate politics?

Okay so the polls are being weirdo on me and aren't working. I guess just let me know which one you prefer or go to almostjennifer.com and do the poll there haha

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omg that superman outfit is too cute!
and pertaining to the haunted house visiting that i have been invited to attend...um..have we ever met?? i don't even watch scary movies steph. the scariest haunted house i could stand was the one they set up outside of superstition mall, and that was hard. so yeah..have fun LOL :P

not that the Superman one was bad, but I am so voting cow. Like woah.
And of course I remember IT. I was obsessed with Jonathan Brandis (RIP) and I still have his seaQuest action figure upstairs somewhere. :o)
Good luck with tomorrow. Alcohol will definitely help. Just don't drive :o)

warm fuzzies,

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