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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

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Wesley is a cow
BtVs: bollocks
I keep biting my lip. I'm not sure why but its annoying me that I can't stop biting part of it. Stop being retarded stephanie.

I also need to teach myself to finish a book before starting another. I'm reading like five. Really stop being retarded stephanie.

I'm feeling better than I was so thats good. I got wesley a halloween costume and tried it on him today. He's either going to be this cow costume I got or superman. I haven't really decided. Here is him in the cow halloween costume. I think he is adorable. My roommates daughter is going to be a witch. Here is her with Wesley.

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(Deleted comment)
Don't you just want to wrap them up and put them in your pocket! haha they are so cute! I can't get over it lol

theres my evening dose of cute!

haha yeah they are so adorable! :)

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