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BtVs: bollocks


Stephanie Lynn

...to sleep, perchance to dream

HP: Sweet and Innocent
Well I guess I'm back.

Not sure that anyone is reading this as its been years but feeling pulled back into journaling or at least this group of friends. If you don't remember me feel free to leave. No feelings hurt. I used to be huge in the Harry Potter world and now I just want to be happy and have friends. So I'm here. Hi Everyone! <3

HP: Sweet and Innocent
Wow just logged in! Haven't been here forever! Any friends of mine still alive! Miss this site!!

(no subject)
BtVs: bollocks
wow I haven't been here in a long time.

Writer's Block: Last Meal
DSNY: Gus Gus
What do you want your last meal to be?

This is hard but I think it would have to be something really fattening like mashed potatoes with corn and cube steak. Oh and wine. Wine is a must. And lots of it! haha

I hate looking for roommates
HPr: rawr
I'm still looking for a roommate because of flaky people. Gah! Why can't there be normal people in this world? It's upsetting because I'm related to said person. !@#$%^

So needless to say I am still looking and if you or someone who isn't flaky needs a place please let me know. If you want more information on the place I have a marketplace ad on here and several other places.

Here are the links for info:

Facebook Marketplace


I am also on Roommates.com and Roomster.com but you have to have an account to see my profile.

Samsonite Video
DSNY: Rock on
When I was little until I was an adult my dad called me Samsonite, baggage and or...[ Read More]

P.S. Make sure to comment over there so I can approve your name. Plus it makes you comment on my website and that makes me happy.

Your 'sanity' is scarying me
Friends: unagi
This is a prime example why some people should not have children...[ Read More ]

Freeks &amp; Geeks: Smile
How many on my flist here read my blogs that I have on almost jennifer? Because if you guys would comment then I can add you onto the unblocked comment list. I really love comments so if you can go over there and make a comment I'd appreciate it a whole bunch!


Blame it on 'Hysteria'
Baby: LoL
I am currently taking a class on Women’s History at ASU and currently...[ read more ]

Loony Bin Tattoo
First off, Happy Birthday Jess! Love you

My new computer set up is done. Thank god. Took me forever to transfer everything. The new graphics card is AMAZing. I played WOW the other day and couldn’t believe the difference. I’m finally back to playing on a PC which not only is better than playing on a laptop but doesn’t give me a headache. Plus playing anything on a macbook sucks. I’m happy to have my PC back. Maybe I can finally get a new layout up on here soon. I get frustrated with Apple.

I’ve been sick and I think, at least for the moment, I’m better. I woke up today with some of my throat problems that I had earlier in the week so I’m crossing my fingers that it goes away. School starts Monday so I really need to be ‘coherent’. I can’t believe its almost been two months since dad. Doesn’t seem like it. I picked up his ashes from Martha and Steve’s house the other day. It’s a really weird thing holding part of your parent in a tiny ceramic heart. He’s sitting on my book shelf.

Speaking of creepy ashes. I was skimming through my HD channels the other day and I came upon one of those ink shows. One of the artists had just lost his wife and they had her ashes in a box. They then decided in order for said artist to get over said dead woman, to….wait for it…put the ashes in part of the ink and then…wait for it…tattoo the wives face onto his arm. “Then she’ll always be with him”

::tries not to vomit:: There are so many things wrong with that. Having Dad on my bookshelf is one thing, even having a tattoo of him on my body, but actually going as far as to ‘mix’ him up in ink…well I’m sorry, that’s why Asylums were invented.